Optical Prism November - Page 14

Preview INNOTEC EYEWEAR’S NEW LEGACY SERIES STYLES THE RESURGENCE OF THE MONOCLE OGI Eyewear’s Innotec Eyewear introduces the Anton, Kensington and Orion into their Legacy Collection. These new styles combine lightweight feel with durable design. Monocles have returned as a trendy fashion accessory. You might know them from Batman’s the Penguin and Planter’s Mr. Peanut. The Orion unites traditional time honoured elements with innovation by embodying intellect and contemporary sophistication through its keyhole bridge, detailed metal hinge and duel laminated TR-90 front. A hand-painted demi pattern enhances the double laminated TR-90 front and features a hand-polished and sleek matte finish. Each frame uses lightweight, durability and revolutionary materials to evoke an original yet inventive look. This masculine style is flexible and lightweight, giving it the perfect blend of substance and style. 10 Optical Prism | November-December 2014 The Anton is sleek and masculine, a lightweight yet durable design to maximize comfort, combining technology with cutting edge style. The hinge combines traditional décor with technological advancements. Double laminated TR-90 material is hand-painted with Innotec’s signature demi pattern. Hand-polished to a smooth matte finish, this masculine style is sleek and refined. The Kensington is Innotec’s first cat-eye. The model adds bold, vibrant colours to the Legacy Collection. The lightweight design also provides durability resulting in an innovative yet sleek appearance. For more information visit www.ogieyewear.com. James Berry, CEO of Nearsights Monocles, sees opportunities in the trend of custom monocles. The brand was founded by his father in 2001 when he was looking for a simple, functional and durable solution to carrying his prescription glasses on the ski slopes. He realized the monocle wasn’t just an optical trinket, but a practical solution for occasional use – to read and sign a waiver or to read a menu and pay a cheque. Nearsights Monocles are available in many different styles and colours. For more information visit www.nearsights.com.