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Vision & Voice iGreen, which is a new product that we dis in Canada, is producing eyewear with eco-friendly materials and modern equipment. iGreen is defined as environmentally friendly as it produces almost no waste during the production process. They have invested in a clean and environmentally safe production for this collection yielding finished frames, which require less water, and less electrical energy to produce when compared to acetate frames. Michael Feigen, Vice-President at Shilling Optical The Internet, by far. And we've only seen the beginning of it. Don Armstrong, owner of i. Frame Inc. Canada I think the biggest impact is the lenses. When talking about technology, it is the lenses that are evolving rapidly. There’s so much innovation behind this! Frames don’t change the eyewear industry that much. But sometimes it’s funny how something that’s not technical at all, can change a life. A couple of months ago we had an example of this in our Antwerp store. A man came in and he couldn’t find e-commerce. Today only four per cent of eyewear sales are done online, but this is where the consumer (and patient!) is today and where they are going. They want access anywhere, anytime across categories and services. We see the development of online solutions as a necessary tool for doctors to create a closer and more consistent relationship with their patients. Second, we see wearables changing the conversation. While it’s still unclear just how significant this category segment will become, the fusion of technology, form WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS HAVING THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON THE EYEWEAR INDUSTRY? Technology and the Internet certainly play a large ro