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Vision & Voice “ “The best way to protect your eyes and prevent a sports-related eye injury is to wear sport- specific protective eyewear that fits properly. During the winter months, this can be anything from sports goggles to sunglasses with ultraviolet protection since the sun’s harmful UV rays are always present.” Justin Bazan, Optometrist and medical adviser to The Vision Council. What advice can ECPs share with their patients about protecting their eyes during winter sports? “Keep your eyes safe while playing sports this winter. If you wear a helmet for sports like hockey, make sure it has a CSA-approved visor. Wearing goggles (as well as a helmet) when you’re skiing and snowboarding can help shield your eyes from both falls and sun damage. And if you wear glasses, but they don’t fit under your helmet or goggles, see your optometrist to talk about sports-specific glasses frames or contact lenses.” Dr. Kristine Dalton, Optometrist and Associate Professor, University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry & Vision Science “Up to 80 per cent of UV comes through on a cloudy day and up to 80 per cent of that UV is reflected off of snow. That means you can actually have more UV damage in winter than you would have sitting on a beach! So remember these tips: First, always wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day. Look for UV 400 and ask your optometrist for UV-protected contact lenses. This is the international standard recommended by WHO. Second, always wear goggles when skiing. This allows for better coverage from UV and wind that can irritate the eyes. And finally, wear “Protecting your eyes doesn’t mean compromising exceptional taste in style. Some of the new reworked takes on “glacier goggles” with side shields of plastic or leather, often removable, will leave clients looking for any excuse to wear them. Technology has allowed for exceptional options for lenses to ensure that you see your best no matter what Mother Nature throws at you while a helmet. Protect your ocular health against sports injuries. This will not only protect your eyes against objects, but also your ocular-neurological system against concussions.” braving the outdoors.” Doug Gaudet, Licensed Nova Scotia optician. 8 Optical Prism | November 2019 Dr. Ritesh Patel, Ontario Association of Optometrists.