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From the editor Eyewear can correct and enhance vision and also protect and shield the eyes from potential harm. This issue of Optical Prism is focused on products that have been designed to both improve vision and guard the eyes from external factors. Research suggests that up to 90 per cent of all eye injuries that happen during sports are preventable, according to the Canadian Association of Optometrists. That data reinforces the idea that protective eyewear should always be considered an essential part of each athlete’s equipment, the organization says. “Risks of eye injuries vary from low to high depending on the type of sport you’re participating in, however, no sport is exempt,” the CAO says, noting eye injuries have been reported in sports from swimming and gymnastics to lacrosse and baseball. In this issue, we talk to eyewear companies about the latest eyewear products on the Canadian market that were developed with avid skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, hikers, runners and other athletes and adventurists in mind. The products included in his piece both protect the eyes from potential injuries and the elements and give athletes an edge on the slopes, trails, peaks and roads. Polarized lenses also enhance a person’s vision by reducing glare. This, in turn, can provide for clearer vision, better colour perception and reduced eye fatigue. This issue of Optical Prism also explores other new products in the Canadian marketplace, including oversized frames that are really hot right now. You will also find out about how Vision Expo West went down in Las Vegas in September. As always, please be sure to check us out online at opticalprism.ca and follow us on our Optical Prism Facebook page. I can always be reached at dlanglois@opticalprism.ca. You will also find out about the latest sunglasses with polarized lenses, which are the best line of defence in keeping the eyes protected and getting the most out of the long, Canadian winters. Vision experts say the sun’s punishing ultra-violet rays are every bit as intense in the cold winter months as during the summer, despite fewer hours of total sunlight. And that doesn’t take into consideration the reflection of the sun’s rays on snow-covered roads, hills and fields. 6 Optical Prism | November 2019 Denis Langlois, Editor Don’t forget to check us out on social media and subscribe to us online to get the latest eyecare and eyewear information.