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Special feature Making the best use of your sales reps By Kaia Pankhurst TRAINING YOUR OPTICAL TEAM Your sales representatives are your best resource to communicate all of the unique selling features for any product to your optical team. Anytime you start carrying a new line or product, have your optical staff meet with your rep to hear the full pitch. Your internal sales team will be more effective when they have a better understanding of all the special features your products have to offer. Sometimes, the way the brand or manufacturer does business is a selling feature in itself. No one likes being sold to. As a result, we tend to keep salespeople at arm’s length. While this reaction isn’t necessarily unreasonable, it could be a source of missed opportunities for your practice. Your sales representatives can do so much more for your practice than just keeping your shelves stocked with inventory. Here’s how building relationships with your sales reps can benefit you. 30 Optical Prism | November 2019 Today’s consumer places a high value on altruism and is more likely to spend money on a product when their purchase has a positive impact on the world. Toms shoes are an excellent example. This entire company is built on the premise that, for every product a consumer buys, the company will donate that product to a child in need. Your patients are looking for a way to make the world a better place. So if your brands offer products made from recycled materials, donate to charities or make