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Special Feature blinding glare from the snow, ice or water on the road can generate high levels of discomfort.” Ahier explains that Xperio polarized sun lenses combined with any of the Crizal Sun UV coatings will provide excellent visual comfort and maximized UV protection so that people can enjoy the outdoors in winter. RNB 5025GS/S The Xperio experience vows to eliminate glare and improve visual acuity and provide better colour perception with contrast sensitivity improved by 75 per cent. PLD 6094/S Essilor’s polarized lenses offer a wide range of designs including Eyezen+ and Varilux, and in a large array of colours, mirrors and styles to meet all lifestyles, ages, and prescription needs. “Simply put,” says Ahier, “We suggest that they first correct their vision, then protect it in style and ultimately enhance its clarity.” At Hoya Vision Care, Hoya Polarized lenses filter out blinding reflections, leaving a comfortably clear view with crisp colours and rich contrasts – exactly what you need in snow or when driving. With a selection of three colours and an array of optional mirrored coatings, Hoya Polarized lenses are a great solution for sun protection and also a perfect accessory for those who want to make a clear fashion statement. “Only polarized sunglass lenses have the technology required to selectively reduce the brightness of reflected light rays to a greater degree than the brightness of surrounding objects,” says Hoya’s Maria Petrucelli. Light travels in many directions and it reflects randomly off shiny surfaces. This glare will impair quality of vision as perception of colour and contrast will change. It is clearly noticeable when looking into a shop window on a sunny day, when you see reflections in the window rather than what’s on display. 24 Optical Prism | November 2019 PLD 4078SX/S From Safilo Group, most of the company’s collections offer some polarized options, including the Carrera, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade New York and POLAROID brands. Some of the boldest, most stylish frames on hand come from the POLAROID collection, including the PLD 4078SX/S with its serious pop of pink and purple, and the more classic yet flashy look of PLD 6094/S with its honey-coloured frames and rose gold lenses. Rag & Bone is making its mark in winter high fashion too with models like RNB 5024G/S and RNB 5025GS/S, offering various lens colours and bridge styles. And what about the kids? From Alternative Eyewear & Plan “B” Eyewear, there are some new additions to the popular and very colourful Solar Clip Collection for the Nano Vista line.