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Special Feature WINTER IS A POLARIZING SEASON. You either love it or you hate it, but you definitely can’t avoid it. You also can’t avoid the sun’s punishing UV rays, which are every bit as intense in the winter as summer, despite fewer hours of total sunlight. And polarized lenses are your best line of defence in keeping your eyes protected and getting the most out of those long, Canadian winters. Centennial Optical offers a wide range of polarized lens options, says Rick Leroux, Centennial’s director, marketing and communications. Hoya “Both within its own Centoptic lens brand portfolio, which includes polarized Centoptic SunMirrors, and across their full range of digitally customized lenses.” NuPolar lenses by Younger Optics are state-of- the-art polarized lenses available in a variety of materials, colours and treatments, including photochromic Infinite Gray polarized lenses, which continuously adapt to changing light conditions, as well as solid, gradient and mirror coated. “The sun is at a lower angle during morning and afternoon rush hours in the winter months, creating more binding glare at peak drive times,” says Leroux. The solution would be Transitions Drivewear lenses by Younger Optics, which are polarized photochromic lenses designed for driving and react to changing weather and light conditions, from overcast to bright sunshine, both outside and behind the windshield of a car. And for people who love winter sports, there’s the BluTech Outdoor lenses, explains Leroux. Nupolar Nupolar “UV levels are higher at higher altitudes, so UV exposure can be even greater for skiers on a mountain than it is at sea level during a tropical beach vacation. In addition to UV and glare protection, polarized lenses will also provide more comfortable vision, improve contrast and depth perception and prevent eye fatigue,” he says. Martine Ahier, senior marketing manager, brands and products, at Essilor Canada, would agree. “Sunwear, and polarized lenses more specifically, are the perfect choice for winter sports and activities,” Ahier explains. “High luminosity and Optical Prism | November 2019 23