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Special feature Q Please tell me about your background and what led you to this new role with Safilo. A: As a kid born in North York, To- ronto, and raised in Montreal, the opportunity to collaborate and lead Safilo Canada has been extremely exciting. Considering that I started my career in the industry with Sa- filo Canada and have spent the last three years as part of Safilo USA, one can say I’ve come full circle. The benefit of my experience is that I’ve made my mistakes already; optical is a complex business and my experience has allowed me to become a better leader. I’m focused on developing the best talent and agile teams to tackle this rapidly evolving market with our customers whose success is at the epicentre of all of our strategies. Having rela- tionships with the key players – and what tools and solutions they need – empowers our team to truly make a difference. Q What are your short- term priorities as the head of Safilo Canada? A: Our focus is to continue to build trust and confidence with our partners, primarily from a deliv- ery and service standpoint. Our three main targets are: reducing complexity, improving speed to market and becoming a much more customer-centric organization. We are reinventing ourselves so that we’re known as being the easiest to do business with and one of the best organizations to work with and for! Q What about the long view. What are your priorities for the long term? A: Positioning Safilo Canada as a partner for our customers, match- ing scale and capabilities to be close to them and tailoring our services to their needs. As a pure whole- saler partner, we are not in direct competition with our customers; we want to provide our customers with freedom of choice, partnership and customized business solutions in line with opticians’ day-to-day needs, offering a powerful portfolio and a consistent range of brands, products and services. We are working to gain speed and agility, reorganizing ourselves to secure an improved service to our customers by listening to their needs. Q What should ECPs know about Safilo as far as the quality and repu- tation of its eyewear? A: Thanks to our strong crafts- manship expertise dating back to 1878, Safilo translates designs into high-quality products created according to long-standing Italian tradition. Safilo’s capabilities from a product standpoint are undenia- ble and unrivaled. Consumers want products that offer authenticity, quality and align with a greater purpose. Safilo is best suited to deliver on all those points. We have over 25 eyewear collections to meet the needs of consumers at all price points from our core owned brands such as Carrera, Polaroid and Smith, to luxury collections such as BOSS, Fendi and Jimmy Choo and fashion lifestyle brands like kate spade new york and Tommy Hilfiger. We are also excited to welcome several new brands to Safilo next year including, David Beckham, Levi’s, Tommy Jeans, Missoni and M Missoni. Q What excites you about the eyecare/ eyewear industry today? A: Being at the forefront of our cus- tomers’ journey and helping them to stay abreast of the newest ways to engage their patients in an agile way. The emerging consumer is be- ing inundated with information and technology. We are excited to part- ner with our ECPs on creating new winning formulas to augment their current service and care strategies. Ultimately, helping them adapt to the newest technologies favored by more and more consumers. OP Optical Prism | November 2019 21