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Preview WESTGROUPE Handcrafted details and lightweight construc- tion define WestGroupe’s EVATIK collection for winter 2019. E-9199 Combining refined details with vibrant col- ourways, the new styles provide custom design elements with luxury appeal. The new models include Style E-9199, which is made with handmade patterned acetate in monotone colourations. A striped pattern along the front is complemented by translucent E-9199 temples. The stylized cubed metal hinge adds a finishing touch plus added comfort with the integrated spring hinge. The frame is available in navy, charcoal and khaki. Stainless steel style E-9198 stands out with its shiny razor-thin metallic outline around the rims and bridge to contrast the matte frame. E-9198 The detail continues onto the end pieces and finishes at the stylized hinge. This large fit rec- tangular frame is available in black gun, navy gun and grey silver. For more information, visit: westgroupe.com OGI EYEWEAR The Knoll and Nash are two new titanium frames by Ogi Eyewear’s Seraphin collection. Knoll, which boasts a round silhouette, is a nod to the utilitarian design of the late 1920s when minimalism and metal reigned supreme. Proper- ly built up shielding around the rim adds history Knoll and sophistication whereas the universal-sized bridge creates a comfortable fit, lending the Knoll to all aspects of Seraphin’s key design elements. The Nash, meanwhile, includes a full smattering of design choices, from patternly temples and mi- cro-acetate tips to a reinforced acetate brow line. For more information, visit: ogieyewear.com 12 Optical Prism | November 2019 Nash