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OGI Seraphin OGI Seraphin OGI Seraphin Cutler & Gross makes its own hinges that allow the brand to ensure the hinge is secure. “This season we introduce the five- barrel hinge which is secured to the frame with three-pins,” says Marie Wilkinson, design director at Cutler and Gross. “This provides extra secu- rity and a bold aesthetic, as exemplified in the new 1271 frame.” Ogi's Red Rose product has unique proprietary hinges in various styles. From the unique screwless hinge (Alonzo) to the latest metal bar hinge (Varallo), Ogi says its Red Rose offer- ings makes it a pioneer in cutting-edge hinge treatments. 32 Optical Prism November 2017 OGI Red Rose “Our Seraphin product has a special signature decor piece on the hinge as well (Merrimac, Cumberland, Braeburn),” the company says. “This reinforced five-barrel hinge is the finest quality all around and provides luxury details at an affordable price.” Paired with the hinge are always OBE screws from Germany, which have a patented nylon coating that ensures the screws stay in place.