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Rimless and semi-rimless eyewear has carved out a niche in the business through the efforts of companies that take a simple concept and innovate it to adapt to their customer's needs and wants. Silhouette Inspire Silhouette says its newest rimless eyewear collection "Inspire" is defined by contrasts and colours. Taking a fresh perspective, the company has embarked on a journey through exciting colour worlds with the new collection from the Linz-based eyewear manufacturer. “FOR THE INSPIRE COLLECTION, MINIMALISM AND ‘LESS IS MORE’ ARE THE PERFECT DESCRIPTIONS.” The joyful mixture of tones gives the models a particular vivacity, with additional dynamism created through the combination of metal and SPX plastic. They are also refined – with the hinge concealed by the decorative part of the temple. “For the Inspire collection, minimal- ism and ‘less is more’ are the perfect descriptions,” the company says. “The lens shapes are defined by their size and colour, forming exciting contrasts.” Optical Prism | November 2017 19