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Preview Kian Kenmark Kenmark Eyewear releases new styles from the Zac Posen Men’s collection. KIAN is a rounded square club-master style, featuring rich acetate colours in denim, olive and tortoise. BRODY is a thin, full-zyl round style, while ETHAN, a full-zyl rounded square style features metal rivet detailing on the front. For more information, visit: www.kenmarkeyewear.com Ethan Brody Ogi Carrara 6733 Carrara 6325 Carrara, a new Red Rose model by Ogi Eyewear, is a feminine cat-eye frame featuring a softly- upswept silhouette handmade from translucent high-density acetate. The Carrara comes in pastel colours including Aloe Green and Rose Dust. The stainless steel temples have a crosshatched pattern to add visible texture and the adjustable tips are wrapped in acetate for comfort. For more information, visit: www.ogieyewear.com Optical Prism | November 2017 15