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Preview Safilo KIDS by Safilo releases its eco-compatible collection. This unique eyewear line is made of bio-based polymers, derived from natural renewable resources and engineered to replace fossil-oil-based polymers. Safilo Kids eyewear uses two different bio-polymers, both made with bio-based contents derived from castor oil: a rigid one to give structural performance to the frame and the temples and a soft one to guarantee the best fit on the face, comfort and safety for the user. For more information, visit: www.safilo.com WestGroupe The STEPPER collection from WestGroupe offers 15 new optical styles that include seven men’s and eight women’s models. SI-20063 SI-30110 SI-60138 SI-30084 14 Optical Prism November 2017 Standouts from the ladies’ collection include models SI-30084 and SI-30110, which have classic eye shapes but with a modern appeal. For both models, the TX5 fronts are combined with titanium temples that boast delicate patterns and two-tone colouring. In the men’s collection, SI-60138 is a stylish titanium model that incor- porates TX5 into the temple design. Model SI-20063 is a thin profile TX5 front coupled with ultra-thin titanium temples. For more information, visit: www.westgroupe.com