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Vision & Voice “How important is frame technology to both a brand's quality and image?” "I think that frame technology is important to a brand’s quality and image. As inde- pendent opticians, we must differentiate ourselves with frames that have a "story." The story needs to be about the benefits and features of the frames we are suggesting for our patients. There are vast differences between a mass-produced, a low-end frame and a hand-finished frame created with quality materials and finishes. Educating our patients about these differences is imperative.” Lorne Kashin, Executive director, Ontario Opticians Association. “A patient may choose a frame for a variety of reasons. It can be the style, designer, brand or functionality, but a frame well built with leading materials and technology is what will make the consumer happy for a long time. This cause and effect not only brings great value to the frame’s brand but the ECPs brand as well.” Jonah Baumann, Lab Business Development, Canadian Optical Supply. “Frame technology is a key component, it is what sets your brand apart. It’s what defines your product and tells the industry who you are as a company. We have always defined ourselves as a company dedicated to advancing frame technology because it solves problems, it’s interesting and it starts a conversation.” Paul Storace, CEO, Alternative & Plan “B” Eyewear. 10 Optical Prism November 2017 "Etnia Barcelona implements tech- nology to all phases of developing our frames. From the design and i+D process to manufacturing, we use the latest technological advances and the most advanced processes. We take every last detail into account in order to bring a high added value and the image of high quality to our frames.” Catherine Anselmo, Etnia Barcelona.