Optical Prism May 2017 - Page 47

Glimpses Kenmark Eyewear announces official name change WestGroupe intros new KLiiK Denmark merchandising program WestGroupe has announced the launch of all new merchandising and point-of-sale material for its KLiiK Denmark brand. Kenmark Eyewear, formerly Kenmark Group, has announced it has officially taken on its new name. The change is the first of many updates to come as part of a company-wide rebrand taking place this year. The company said it feels this name encompasses the prod- ucts they produce as well as makes the bold statement as to who they are and what they represent. The update will include new tag lines such as, “It’s Nice To See You,” as well as updated materials and new trade- show booths and website. The KLiiK Denmark merchandising material mirrors the minimalist design of the eyewear brand. “Showcasing our product in a more eco-friendly way was at the forefront of our mind throughout the design process for the new merchandising material,” says Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe’s vice-president of product development. “We also took into con- sideration the valuable feedback we get from our customers as to what is important to them when it comes to merchandising materials. The resulting collection of displays is not only beau- tiful, but speaks to the true essence of the KLiiK Denmark brand.” Drawing inspiration from Scandina- vian design aesthetic, the new merchan- dising material features solid contours and clean lines in KLiiK Denmark’s signature red color. The three-piece collection includes a name plate, a five-piece display and a mirror. Constructed from high density cardboard layered with plexi, the new displays are lightweight yet durable and eco-friendly. Optical Prism | May 2017 47