Optical Prism May 2017 - Page 45

People wanted to know things like where to get an eye exam and the cost, how to get and choose glasses, how to know if you need new glasses and the price for contact lenses. Austin emphasized that building an online presence and showing up in search engine results is not only important for eyecare businesses but is a crucial business strategy. The Google Connect event was followed on the Sunday of the conference by a full-day schedule of Google Talks at the Marketing Stadium. The 20-minute talks, which related to Google market- ing tools and how to use them, were delivered by Austin and Kevin Wilhelm, president of Marketing4ECPs. Trudi Charest, co-founder of 4ECPs, said the Google events at VEE were very successful from both 4ECPs and the conference’s perspective. “People in general were really excited to hear directly from Google and learn new tools to compete in the digital world,” she said. LM3191 col.4 shillingoptical.com 416.630.4470 | 1.800.263.1402