Optical Prism May 2017 - Page 39

YOUR E YE CARE BUSINESS Exam Room Dispensary Remove all frames from frame boards or shelves & wipe down Spray & polish all eyeglass demo lenses in frames before returning to frame boards Wash all counters, walls, display shelves & cabinets including the sides, bases & baseboards Clean out all cupboards, drawers & storage areas within the dispensary Remove old posters, counter cards & display material that is outdated & discard Wash all dispensing tables including wiping down chairs & bases Spray & polish all mirrors including handheld, dispensing & wall mirrors Wash & clean all flooring including special attention to corners Waiting Room Wash all tables, walls, display shelves & cabinets including the sides, bases & baseboards Wash & wipe down all chairs Remove old posters, counter cards, magazines & brochures Clean light fixtures & hanging art Spray & polish any mirrors, glass partitions & windows Thoroughly clean self-serve coffee areas & restock Wash & clean all flooring including special attention to corners Entrance Declutter all surfaces & remove all old promotional material Wash & wipe down all counters, sinks & mirrors Wipe all equipment including exam instruments, computers, screens & phones Wash all walls & baseboards Clean all fixtures Bathroom Wash all walls & baseboards Wipe sink & toilet as well as use toilet cleaner & brush Restock all toiletries supplies Spray & polish mirror Remove any old promotional materials & magazines Staff Room/ Kitchen Clean out fridge Wipe sink & counters Wash & clean all cupboards, shelves and closets Wash all walls & baseboards Restock supplies such as coffee, salt, pepper & condiments Wipe & clean any additional appliances such as coffee machine & kettle Wash walls & baseboards Spray & polish all windows Clean or replace any signage Wash & clean shoe removal area Replace, clean or remove entrance carpets Extra Front Desk Remove & declutter everything on the top counter of the front desk leaving “only” pertinent counter cards and messaging Organize & declutter all areas of the desk including counters, shelves, drawers and file cabinets Wash & wipe down the entire front reception area including sides and base of desk Spray & wipe all signage Clean walls & baseboards around this area including the Practice logo/ signage behind the reception desk Wipe down all computers, screens, office equipment & phones Vacuum & wash all floors Wipe switches Wash door knobs, handles & polish glass doors Wash or replace any throw rugs Clean fans & fixtures Wipe all hanging art Clean & organize the eyeglass repair station Clean & organize the contact lens room Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved 4ECPs Optical Prism | May 2017 39