Optical Prism May 2017 - Page 34

Dr.’s Choice Optical Lab expands private label product line Dr.’s Choice Optical Lab has announced the growth of its private label ClearView, with the addition of premium Anti-Reflective coatings. The new Anti-Reflective coatings perfectly compli- ment the ClearView digital high-definition lenses made exclusively in the company’s full-service optical laboratory. “We have expanded our lab facilities to include four superior AR coatings to ensure optimal quality and customer satisfaction with our lenses,” Dr.’s Choice says in a media release. > ClearView Vivid AR-Super Hydrophobic, Scratch and Smudge Resistant, Great Value. > ClearView Presidia AR+-Super Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coating, High performance. > ClearView Iridio AR/AS+-Super Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coating, Anti-static properties. > ClearView Blue-Blue Blocker ultra UV coating, Prevents damaging effects of blue UV light, includes backside premium AR. > ClearView Reflect-Super sleek mirror coating avail- able in customized colors, available in tinted or polarized lenses, includes backside premium AR. Having gained national recognition by the CIBC for product innovation and overall business success, Dr.’s Choice Optical Lab, a family-owned and opera ѕ)̰ͥ́ͅЁѥՕ́Ѽȁѡ)ݥѠѥѕ䁅хє)ѡЁեи(Ё=ѥAɥʹ5+q]ɔݸȁȁ፱ͥٔɥمє) Y܁!͕̰ ɽՍЁ)ȁͥєȻé =ѥ1)ɥٕ́Ѽɽ٥ѡЁՅ͕٥́)ѕ䁅مɽՍ́Ѽȁѽ̳t)ѡ̸ͅȁɔɵѥ)٥ͥЁܹ͍ѥ