Optical Prism May 2017 - Page 12

Vision & Voice “Why should eyecare professionals be promoting protective lenses for both indoor and outdoor sports and activities?” “Recommending protective lenses can serve multiple purposes and should be discussed with each patient. The right lenses provide an impact-resistant barrier, promote healthy sight by protecting them from harmful, high-energy UV and blue light. Lastly, they can enhance vision for an extra-performance edge in the activities they love.” “Ultraviolet rays pass through the pupil and are absorbed by the eye’s lens. Prolonged exposure to UV can cause damage to the eye and increase the risk of developing cataracts. That’s why all ACUVUE brand contact lenses help protect the covered portions of eyes.” Jay Lusignan, Marketing communications manager, Vision Ease Worldwide. “Being active is part of the everyday routine for many and protecting the eyes from injury with safety glasses or goggles is imperative, whether outside on the ski slopes or indoors playing racquetball. Protecting the eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays while outdoors is also important. Runners, baseball players and even golfers and swimmers should find the proper eyewear to ensure that they are keeping their eyes safe while achieving their peak performance.” Michael C. Vitale, Technical director and lens division liaison, The Vision Council. Cristina Schnider, Global Professional Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “Protective lenses are needed to protect any possible trauma to the eye and surrounding facial areas. They also provide UV protection against harmful rays from the sun when used outdoors. The eye is a very important part of our body and needs to be protected.” Stephen Kapoor, Eyenigma Eyewear. “For kids, parents want to purchase the perfect eyewear for their kids where frames and lenses are protective, offer excellent vision and very good levels of comfort for whatever the child is doing. Parents and kids have different expectations so it’s important to address both age groups - the child and the parent - when identifying a child's needs. For sports and activities, we always suggest polycarbonate or shatterpro of lenses for safety on impact.” Dr. Julie Diem Le, Director, Zoobug London. 12 Optical Prism | May 2017