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“AS A REFUGEE MYSELF, I WORK WITH A LOT OF IMMIGRANTS IN THE WINDSOR AREA. A LOT OF THEM HAVE NEVER HAD AN EYE EXAM BEFORE, SO IT CAN BE VERY CHALLENGING. HOWEVER, IT CAN ALSO BE VERY REWARDING.” “As a refugee myself, I work with a lot of immigrants in the Windsor area. A lot of them have never had an eye exam before, so it can be very challenging. However, it can also be very reward- ing. Patient education becomes very important, as many of them don’t have a GP. I always remind them to check their eyes and health on a regular basis.” As a new optometrist, Dr. Isaac believes networking plays a very important role, whether it is with general prac- titioners or other eye care professionals. “Being a member of the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) has been a great resource to network with fellow optometrists across the province,” he says. “Last year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the OAO Symposium and Infomart as a fourth year OD student. I was there for the full conference, so I learned a lot about the association and spoke with many ODs. My local Windsor society has also allowed me to meet other ODs and I have visited many OMDs in their offices. So, don’t be shy to go knock on the door and introduce yourself.” He says his plan is to one day have a practice of his own. “But that’s a long road ahead. I am trying to learn how to run a practice and what it entails,” he says. OPTICAL PRISM | March 2019 31