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“For task-specific wear, BluTech Clas- sic Indoor lenses with high-impact protection and a light brown tint, are an excellent option. These lenses will provide greater filtration over a wider range of wavelengths than other lens options,” say Leroux. “For the ultimate in UV and HEV protection, BluTech Outdoor lenses will give wearers the best protection where exposure to blue light is by far the greatest, in bright sunlight.” For those looking for a combination of in-monomer blue light filtering and a reflective coating, there is the option of choosing CHC AR Blocker UV coat- ing on surfaced CHOICE BluSelect lenses, as well as a finished lens option, Kodak Total Blue Lenses. The Kodak lenses have blue blocking mol- ecules embedded in the lens material, with an anti-blue light coating on the front surface of the lens and AR coating on the back surface. Hoya Canada, meanwhile, offers RECHARGE, a premium lens coating developed to protect the eyes from damaging blue light wavelengths, while allowing wearers to enjoy their favourite media devices. The RECHARGE coating reduces blue light exposure by 30 per cent in the HEVL spectrum and provides a meas- ure of protection from the risks of high-energy visual light. Plastic Plus offers an exciting and highly effective lens to protect against blue light. The UV 420 Cut lens not only blocks blue light but offers no residual colour. Most blue light lenses have a yellowish or purple tint to them, the UV 420 cut offers a virtually clear visual experience for wearers. In UV 420 lenses, the photochromic dye is dispersed in the lens material blocking light by absorbing it. These lenses have excellent UV-blocking performance and last longer because scratches to the surface do not degrade their function. ATTENTION EMPLOYERS… BC College of Optics March 18 th , 2019 class What does BC College of Optics Offer? The BCCO program ensures all BCCO graduates can properly integrate the academic and practical aspects of entry-level opticianry. Our Award-winning and experienced instructors explain challenging optical concepts and techniques, monitor hands-on clinical skills and improve practical abilities in our in-house clinical environment. Optical re-do’s are both expensive and embarrassing. BCCO grads come job-ready, and will make an immediate contribution to your store’s bottom line. Employers can expect increased productivity and professionalism with improved patient service and satisfaction. Send us your most-motivated employee (or family member) as an investment in your business and we will return to you a fully-qualified OPTICIAN/CONTACT LENS FITTER in Fall 2019. Classes begin March 18th, 2019!! BC College of Optics 37 www.bccollegeofoptics.ca | #208 - 10070 King George Blvd. Surrey BC | T: (604) 581-0101. OPTICAL PRISM | March 2019 27