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Vision & Voice What can eye care professionals share with patients about the importance of lens choice? “Today's technology allows licenced opticians to personalize lenses to the specific visual needs of clients. This can effectively improve the quality of vision (and life!) for those wearers by providing increased clarity and reducing eye fatigue. Including an anti-reflective coating that filters blue/ UV light will maximize lens performance, appearance and help protect the wearer against future ocular health issues. Keep your clients happy and healthy by informing them of all the benefits quality lenses have. They'll thank you for it!” Diana Carver, Provincial director, PEI Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) National board of directors “For those requiring corrective eyewear, it is important to make an informed decision when choosing both the frame and lenses. For the frame, it is important to consider the aesthetic features of the frame to ensure that the design reflects the consumer’s taste and personal style as well as any constraints that the prescription may have on size or eye shape. On the lens side, as maximum visual acuity is the goal, the proper lens and coatings are critical in ensuring that the consumer has eyewear that looks great but also gives them the best vision possible.” Beverly Suliteanu, Vice-president of product development, WestGroupe. 8 OPTICAL PRISM | March 2019 “A good lens is one of the most important factors in eyewear because it is the aspect that will resolve unique vision issues. When outfitting you with eyewear, most opticians will start by analyzing your prescription needs and present you with the best lens options to correct your vision. Having the proper lens material and coating combi- nation will ensure that your vision is cor- rected properly and that the lens will look great in the frame you choose, so you can see great and feel great.” Michael Vitale, Senior technical director and lens division liason, The Vision Council. “Clear, comfortable vision is the ultimate goal when wearing eyeglasses and that clar- ity comes from the lenses. Plain and simple, while a nice frame can make you look good, a good-quality lens is what actually helps you to see better. This is so important that there are dedicated professionals - optom- etrists and opticians - to ensure that all factors are considered when choosing the best lens for the prescription, intended use, frame size and construction.” Dr. Kirsten North, Canadian Association of Optometrists, Policy consultant.