Optical Prism Magazine Jan/Feb 2013 - Page 19

013 with their eyewear. “I love glasses; I love people who love glasses. I think it is the great affordable luxury,” said Storace. “My passion is for the eclectic that will last forever! If you run with the masses, you look like the masses. If you march to your own beat, you dance forever, and that is the kind of energy and statement that goes into our eyewear.” The Pantone Institute is predicting a season where colour will rule the fashion industry including eyewear. Green is expected to be the colour of choice with a focus on bold hues with Emerald topping the list for 2013. Mono-tone colours will also make a sophisticated and bold statement this year with greens gently interwoven including muted mint tone Grayed Jade. Purples and reds will also find their way to many frames with soft lavenders and vibrant reds such as Poppy Red. The 70s are back as citrus colours will also make a fun return with colours like Nectarine and Lemon Zest leading the way. “We go in for colourful styling for all ages, and deep progressive fitting lenses for the mature cliental, while at the same time remaining cool and modern,” says Richard Allan, Optika VP Sales. Asked about the exciting new eyewear for 2013, he says, “The main trend for eyewear in 2013 will be simple, yet colorful. The market is moving away from thick, heavy plastics, and more towards thin, comfortable-fitting frames.” This year, bold and striking acetate frames translate to funky and retro-inspired that are light-weight, functional, and expresses attitude. Industry Trends Glasses are not just for wearing, they are also a personal statement. Whether you are into modern, retro or minimalism, eyewear will tell your story this season. OPTICAL PRISM | JAN/FEB 2013 19 PHOTO COURTESY OF OPTIKA EYEWEAR