Optical Prism Magazine Jan/Feb 2013 - Page 18

Individuality Soho 3203 from Optika Rules 20 by Sheila O’Hearn he new year is here and this year eyewear is all about personal style and attitude. The year 2013 is going to be all about texture, design and innovation with a heavy influence of new eco-friendly materials and frames that don’t just sit on the face, but give it definition and personality. Consumers are no longer looking for just a piece of eyewear, as was demonstrated at recent industry events such as Vision Expo West and Silmo. They are looking for pieces that are also fashionable and compliment what they wear and how they live. Many industry insiders have seen a spike in not only sales, but the quantity of sales per individual customer. People are no longer relying on one pair of glasses to get them through the day, but want multiple pairs to accompany different events in their lives from personal to work. T Colour Among the leading trends this year is the huge role colour will play in the overall design of eyewear. Gone are the days of clear or basic black frames. Today customers want a rainbow of choices and patterns to compliment their personality. “If I followed clothing fashion, we would always be behind,” said Paul Storace, Vice President of Alternative Eyewear. “I look at colour trend, material and manufacturing processes. I look to what is different and appeals to me. I look at cloth, I look at paint, I look at texture. For my plastic, I go to the people who make the plastic, and I choose early.” With brands that include the streamlined and distingui ͡ ٕȁ Ʌ̰YՔɅ̰%ѕ Ʌ́ȁMЁ Ʌ̰ѕɹѥٔݕȁ́ՍɕѥѡݕɅͥ䁙ȁѡ͔ѥ܁ݡݥ͠Ѽɽхѕ((()=AQ% 0AI%M4)8((0