Optical Prism Magazine Jan/Feb 2013 - Page 11

Fysh F-3481 on fashion a i n S he has been sitting in the front row of fashion shows for years as the host of Fashion Television. Known for her insightful commentary and the ability to get even the toughest fashion icons to talk, Jeanne Beker knows the style industry inside and out. This season she is taking her fashion expertise to the next level, launching her own line of eyewear through WestGroupe’s FYSH UK line simply titled by Jeanne Beker Signature Collection. This is not the first time Beker has taken on designing and creating her own fashion look. She has also launched clothing lines through former department store Eatons, Sears and more recently The Bay. Set to launch in January 2013, the Signature Collection features six unique models each with four colour variations. The collection is a ‘fashion forward’ line of eyewear with a focus on wearability and functionality with of course personal style in mind. “I got the call out of the blue,” Beker told Optical Prism during a phone interview while on her way to a photo shoot in Toronto. “But they are the obvious accessory. They say so much about who you are.” She says she was instantly drawn to the ideas that were being presented. The line was both fun and upbeat with the ability to carry from daytime to nighttime. “Eyewear can really ground a look,” she says noting many style icons in the past have brought eyewear to the forefront of fashion when eye X\\\\HY\Y][[H[]Y][ˈH\[\Z[\X\YHH[XHܙ[XYH^Y]X\^H[YHYY\Z\\\Yۙ\ZH]\Z[]\[XYH^Y]X\ۛHX\XK]\[ۘXHˈ8']X[YHXHYۘ]\H܈[H[H\HYZ[HX[]\X\\\8'HHZYY[][\ۈY[Y\ݙHHو[YH[Y\ˈ[H\\\]H[^\Y[Y[\HY][ۘ[\[ۈX\ܞKYZ\]\\[YYۚYX[Hݙ\HYX\\Y[܈]^\^\[\[\^[ۙ\˂PSTHSёP L‚LB