Optical Prism July/Aug Issue Vol. 32 No. 3 - Page 57

ADVERTORIAL SOLOCARE AQUA® Lens Protection And All-day Comfort By Shalu Pal, OD, FAAO Toronto, Canada Choosing the right lens and pairing it with proper lens care is important. At a minimum, a cleaning and disinfecting system must be safe for the ocular surface, effective at eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, and it must enhance lens comfort. The SOLOCARE AQUA® Lens Care System provides an extra safety component for added benefits for patients. SOLOCARE AQUA® All-in-One Solution has a proven track record as a safe and effective soft lens care solution. Polyhexanide (0.0001%) is the preservative and disinfectant in this solution. Its unique chemical structure selectively attacks the cell walls of microorganisms. Polyhexanide binds to clearly exposed phospholipids on the outer plasma membranes of microorganisms. The result is a safe ocular surface.1 Often, the most forgotten part of a good lens care regimen is the lens case. Many microorganisms secrete a protective membrane, a biofilm, when they come in contact with a surface. This biofilm renders the microorganism resistant to disinfectants in contact lens solutions.2 Antibacterial MicroBlock ® lens case kills bacteria on contact SOLOCARE AQUA® contains two key comfort ingredients. Provitamin B5 (dexpanthenol) surrounds the lens and adds moisture, and sorbitol absorbs and binds moisture to the lens. Together, these agents create the HydroLock® effect that locks in moisture to improve hydration for all-day comfort (figure 1) SOLOCARE AQUA® is well accepted by patients, who report high levels of comfort according to studies by Amos in 2004 and Miller and Dillehay in 2007. Average Reduction of Challenge Inoculum after 24hrs Exposure CFU/ml 2.0E + 07 Anti-bacterial case sample 1.5E + 07 Control case sample 1.0E + 07 0.5E + 06 Avg. inoculum challenge level -1.1E + 07 A SA EC SM Challenge microorganism Efficacy of an Anti-Microbial Lens Case, Melanie George MS, Marc Ajello BS, Mark Tsao PhD, Allen Gillard BS and Alicja Sills MS - CIBA Vision Corporation, Duluth, GA – A Novartis Company Various studies have shown that 20% to 80% of lens cases are contaminated with bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic organisms, and their biofilms render solutions ineffective against them. The result is pathogenic transfer to the corneal surface when lenses are applied. SOLOCARE AQUA® breaks down this barrier with its unique MicroBlock® case. The case and cap are impregnated with ant