Optical Prism July/Aug Issue Vol. 32 No. 3 - Page 51

Plastic Plus Debuts Blue/Violet Filter AR coating From page 48 Executive Director Robert Dalton provided a statement on I t’s been a long time coming, but for users of today’s digital devices or those specifically affected by the irritating glare from various light sources — including LED, Halogen and Fluorescent lighting or HID car headlights — behalf of the OAC. ”The Opticians Association there is the new PPS Super-Oleophobic AR + Blue/Violet Filter from Plastic Plus. of Canada is sympathetic to the “Our premium PPS Super-Oleophobic + Blue/Violet Filter coating uses over 200 employees and families technology provided by and licensed through a global leader in AR Technology, who are affected by this closure. and can be applied to any of our hard coated surfaced lenses. As far as cost, the We feel that it is a direct result of difference is very minimal,” said Plastic Plus President Paul Faibish. “But for many the further erosion of the optical patients, the addition of our new BVF coating can not only improve how well industry due to globalization. they view the world today… it could seriously affect how well they will be able The public demand for lower cost to view the world in the future.” goods is a driving factor here. With the same high quality anti-reflective properties and increased light This trend is expected to continue transmission as their other premium AR coatings, the new BVF AR filter blocks in most sectors as companies Blue/Violet light from computers, phones or tablet screens and potentially harmful position themselves to be more HEV light caused by Fluorescent bulbs and LED devices. It also significantly reduces competitive in a global economy. nighttime glare from distracting High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights — a Our advice is to buy local and problem that is worse for older drivers because of their increased intraocular support local. ” light scattering, glare sensitivity and photo stress recovery time. ACUITAS™ Patient Relationship Management Software One Company One Solution Paperless patient journey Patient Education Suite Brochure website Clinical equipment integration A C U I TA S OCT, Fundus, Optos Business intelligence Provincial billing Online booking SMS For more information Call 860 899 6842 Visit www.ocuco.ca