Optical Prism July/Aug Issue Vol. 32 No. 3 - Page 33

Geek Chic GEEK Eyewear has been on the forefront of a revolution of cool that is changing the appeal of eyewear. Company founder Alena Lehrer understands her brand and her customers. “Kids and teens are getting the message: wearing eyewear is fun,” Lehrer said. “Kids today are begging their parents to get them a pair of ready-to-wear fashion eyewear, and a look that is hot.” Lehrer understands that younger patients with unique vision challenges want style, while parents want to invest in a product that offers comfort and a proper fit. GEEK Eyewear strives to blend it all together, by creating collections that are as versatile as the wearers. From children to teens, GEEK Eyewear remains on-trend. “Parents continue to support the trend away from metal and toward plastic frames.  The perception is that plastic frames are more durable and a better choice for active kids and teens,” she explains. “Today’s kids know what they want.  To balance their parent’s wish for a well-fitting, durable frame with the holy grail of looking “hot,” today’s eyewear market for young people is turning to handpainted frames, and styles with strong pops of colour.” Melding classic shapes with vibrant shades, GEEK Eyewear has a pantone that ranges from punch greens and radiant orchid to tangy mandarins fluorescent yellows, to name a few. “Today’s teens are showing up wearing the same modified cat eyes they see teen stars wearing on TV … getting their cues from fashion bloggers their age that have over a half-million teens following them. These celebrity bloggers are recommending GEEK Eyewear in square and geometri