Optical Prism July/Aug Issue Vol. 32 No. 3 - Page 22

“There seemed to be a shortage of teen sunglasses in the market and styles that appeal to that in between age,” Gerber said. “The Cébé XSF collection has style with attitude but most important it offers the protection needed.” She adds, “At this age it is still all about style. Cébé has done a great job in this area and has something for everyone, from the cool retro look to the aspiring athlete.” Technology is an important factor in building this brand. For example the more sporty styles for the active teen has Symbiotech incorporated into the temples, featuring a V-shaped temple for perfect and even distribution of the weight of the sunglass resulting in advanced comfort and increased stability. “If something feels uncomfortable then no one wants to wear it, but these sunglasses are so light-weight and comfortable they will want to sleep with it on,” Gerber said.    Steve Trippi, Nike Vision Marketing Director, knows what his target youth audience wants: “Head to toe coordination in colour and style.  Kids are much more in tune to their outfits and they expect performance and style.” T