Optical Prism July/Aug Issue Vol. 32 No. 3 - Page 10

VISION AND VOICE Stay Social From Our Readers In response to our May/June issue From Twitter: Great meeting with the team from @OpticalPrism about focusing on reader needs and the changing world of print media #SeeingClearly In Response to our story “The Sport of Branding” Pearl Street Inc @PearlStreetInc I was excited to see your April cover featuring a cyclist and read with interest your article “The Sport of Branding”. I am an avid cyclist (as well as an Optometrist) and follow the international cycling scene. So, when I saw your article featuring Orica-Green EDGE and Bolle I read it carefully. However, I did not see any reference to the fact that OricaGreenEDGE has not one but two Canadians on it’s roster. Christian Meir, Sussex, NB and Svein Tuft, Langley, BC are listed on their website http://www.greenedgecycling. com/team/ It is always more interesting to watch a competition when someone from your country is in the event and doing well. Thanks for featuring cycling in your magazine. Mel Soicher, O.D. @OpticalPrism Thank you for sharing your newest edition with us! Silhouette Eyewear @silhouette_1964 So excited about this project “@OpticalPrism: @WestGroupe to launch #HelloKitty line S2014 Beverly Suliteanu @WestGroupeBev Hey men, need to know which shape sunnie fits your head the best? A great guide from @OpticalPrism Alternative Eyewear @AltEyesPlanB Check out what @OpticalPrism magazine has to say about #BabyBoomer buying Editors Note: We were aware of the Canadians on the Orica-GreenEDGE Team. This was a product specific story. We invite our readers to check out the efforts of the team at www.greenedgecycling.com/team. 8 habits for frames: bit.ly/1nlqAPd #eyewear #optician O P T I C A L P R I S M | J U LY / A U G U S T 2 0 1 4 COA @CO_Alberta