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Special feature or funny content - and be sure to steer away from controversial subjects. This is a strong signal to Google that your website deserves to be shown more. Launch an SEO campaign Now you’re leading the way Now that you’ve got a great website and leads coming in the door, the time is right to start investing in search engine optimization. A modern SEO strategy involves a rich content experience tied to a digital branding and promotion campaign. Leverage your social media channels to share content and make sure that local business directories, chamber of commerce websites and community directories have your correct information listed. Here’s a pro-tip: invest in local school and little league sports teams or consider funding a small scholarship. Ensure these organizations then link back to your website from theirs. This may not sound like an SEO tactic, but that’s what makes it so effective. Google loves when local businesses support their community. The above strategy doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and each component builds on the last. Start with your website and PPC and use the revenue generated to continue to invest. Just think: if you do the above in January, by December, your website would be ranking well in Google, you’ll have a significantly larger audience and you’ll have seen hundreds of new customers. OP Cameron Martel is an experienced digital marketer, managing SEO and content campaigns since 2005. He currently works with dozens of eye care practices through his work with Marketing4ECPs. Cameron can be reached at www.marketing4ecps.com or cameron@4ecps.com. Capture e-mails (& spread the right message) You’re already asking for your customer’s email addresses - now it’s time to leverage them. Use tools like MailChimp (which starts off free) to keep in touch with your audience. Send e-mails once or twice per month and make them meaningful. Begin brand building Once you have your digital foundation in order. Your website is doing its job, you’re engaging with your audience on social media and your SEO is steadily climbing the ranks. Perfect - now it’s time to invest in your brand using a mix of both digital and offline tactics. Look at incorporating Google Display, Pinterest and YouTube into your branding strategy. All three work well in the eye care and optical fashion spaces. We also recommend that our clients consider investing in radio and billboard advertising; as an SEO professional, I see a tangible increase in the number of people looking for these brands on Google. Optical Prism | January 2020 31