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Special feature Digital marketing in 2020 By Cameron Martel Q4 is always a good time to reflect on the changes in digital marketing. Whether self-made or premium-crafted, your website should be clear, easy to follow and easy to access. 2019, in particular, was a tumultuous year. Almost every major component, from PPC (pay-per-click advertising) to SEO (search engine optimization) saw significant changes in how they operate. This is also true in eye care, where changes to Google’s algorithm have presented a multitude of new opportunities for independent eye care businesses. Add performance marketing via Google & Facebook For 2020, trends are showing that a mix of performance marketing and brand building is going to be what helps independent ECP’s gain ground in an increasingly competitive space. I recommend hiring a professional for this. Both Google and Facebook make it easy for you to get an ad up and running, but they don’t necessarily make it easy to optimize performance and reduce your cost per lead. Here’s what we have in mind: Start with your website We start here because a well-performing website empowers all of your marketing efforts, while simultaneously driving down your cost per lead. If your website doesn’t represent your brand well, it’s time for a renovation or a replacement. This may sound expensive, but consider that a website that represents you effectively has never been easier (or more affordable) to create. If you want to keep the cost down, look at tools such as Weebly and SquareSpace, which make it simple to create attractive websites that look great on all devices. 30 Optical Prism | January 2020 Once your website is top-shelf, it’s time to send traffic to it. PPC marketing is the fastest and most effective way to start generating leads and both Google and Facebook perform well for ECPs. Grow your social media presence There’s a ton of social channels out there - pick one or two social media sites you can manage well and then manage them well. If you’re unsure of where to focus your energy, Facebook and Instagram are always good places to start and have good results for an eye care business. Consistently engage your audience with content they care about. 2 - 3 posts per week is a good place to start. Be mindful of your brand. We’ve all seen how social media can be a boon or a bust, depending on how you manage it. Focus on clever, interesting