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On the cover WestGroupe’s KLiiK collection is drawing ern at the same time so you can wear them year from key fashion influences, Suliteanu says. after year and still feel on trend,” says Gerber. “The new models create a subtle, minimalistic New Serengeti releases that fall into this cate- look for men and women requiring a narrow gory include Alray and Aurora, which come in fit with a strong sense of style,” she says. rich, warm torts and ambers and have a high Stainless steel style K-666 is a rectangular, luster finish. semi-rimless frame in a matte finish. The Also, the classic aviator get a facelift this sea- frame front features linear pierced end pieces son with bold golds, matte rose gold and shiny and stylized hinges with a metallic finish. This silver. The Carrara from Serengeti is a popular style is available in metallic hues of black gun, style that keeps going year after year. OP grey silver and khaki silver. Marcolin’s Timberland collection for fall/ winter is divided into two clusters, including heritage/outdoor, which falls under the light- weight trend in eyewear. These designs are light and comfortable on Serengeti Carrara the face and boast sporty designs to be worn in the outdoors. The other cluster is modern casual, which features current and urban eyewear. All frames in the collection are made of at least 35 per cent bio-based plastic material. Serengeti Alray Shapes in the collection range from round to pilot, all the way to typical sports-style wrap- around frames. The colour palette features classic shades such as black, Havana and blue in matte finishes along with bright red and orange hues. The collection includes the minimalist rect- angular TB1650, which has temples with mi- TB1650 cro-perforated metal inserts, and the athletic TB9204 navigator-style wraparound frame. Classic styles are definitely still in, according to René Gerber, senior marketing manager – North America at Bollé Brands. “Vintage styles are still in demand, but with updated colours and utilizing a combination of acetates or nylons combined with metal. These TB9204 styles are popular as they are classic and mod- Optical Prism | January 2020 23