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Special feature At Plastic Plus, founder and CEO Paul Faibish says his company’s new anti-reflective coating, Crystal Clear, offers a lens with virtually no residual colour or reflections that enhances the look of the lens and allows wearers to see the world as it is. “There’s virtually no residual colour and the reflec- tions are at only 0.6%. It’s probably one of the clearest lenses in the world,” he says. Crystal Clear multi-coating allows a maximum transmission of light through the lens of 99.4 per cent, making it one of the most transparent lenses available on the market. Plastic Plus is the first vendor to bring this anti-reflec- tive coating technology to North America. “It’s an excellent product,” says Faibish. “I’ll put it “For example, with the right corrections, our eyes can detect 200 shades of blue. However, the phoropters and subjective refraction techniques haven’t really changed in a very long time. Today, the Vision-R 800 phoropter makes refraction more precise, while lens surfacing technologies enables integrating this more precise prescription in the lens.” The continuous and simultaneous changes of sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power of the Vision-R against anybody else in the industry.” 800 phoropter enables reaching the final refraction At Essilor, after five years of research and over 100,000 ing the whole refraction procedure. These features also vision parameters analyzed, Essilor has developed a create a more comfortable experience for the patient. unique experience in precision vision: AVA. more quickly, and tests assist the practitioner in conduct- At the end of a session, the Vision-R 800 phoropter The AVA experience is based on two technological offers the opportunity to compare refractions in a cus- pillars: the Vision-R 800, a new phoropter that includes tomized, immersive real-life scenario, making patients a patented advanced optical module and a smart re- more confident. fraction program for a final subjective refraction value within 0.01 diopter; and a precise prescription inte- grated into advanced Essilor lens designs, including the “We firmly believe that the AVA experience can benefit their patients and their practice,” explains Ahier. “It’s Eyezen and Varilux lenses in 0.01D increments. a tool to give their patients the precision they deserve “According to Essilor’s latest research, 95 per cent of It has been shown, in a pilot conducted in Germany, to people’s vision sensitivity is greater than the standard drive more patients in-store, add value to the eye exams 0.25-diopter measurement,” explains Martine Ahier, and convert more patients from the eye exam to lens senior marketing manager brands & products. dispensing.” OP and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Optical Prism | January 2020 17