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Special feature changing vision challenges. The three design variations Additionally, eight out of 10 of those wearing Transi- are easy to recommend, do not require extensive con- tions Signature GEN 8 were less bothered by bright sultation procedures and provide great adaptation and light and changing light. satisfaction rates. “Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses offer a new fron- Recently, HOYA Vision Care Canada announced the tier of performance. This new frontier of performance launch of their new national 24-hour service program is the answer that consumers were waiting for: a high available on uncut iD Lifestyle 3 lenses. overall performance with UV and harmful blue light The 24-hour service commitment will replace the 48-hour program that launched in April 2015 with significant success. “It is our intention to provide independent eye care professionals with the fastest possible service on a premium lens with HOYA’s most durable anti-reflective coating available on the market. This is just another way that we demonstrate our ability to provide solu- tions that enhance the success of our valued business partners,” said Ahmos Henry, president of HOYA Vision Care Canada. HOYA’s 24-hour service program is currently available in 1.50, 1.50 Transitions and 1.53 with Super HiVision EX3 or Super HiVision anti-reflective coatings. It is HOYA’s in- tention to expand the availability in the coming months to offer even more choice and flexibility. For more information about HOYA Vision Care Cana- da, contact the customer care team at 1-888-258-4692. Meanwhile, at Transitions, Signature GEN 8 lenses are engineered with new proprietary technology that deliv- ers the best overall photochromic lens performance. The lenses fade back to clear up to 35 per cent faster than Transitions Signature lenses and activate up to a Category 3 darkness up to 30 per cent faster for a better light protection. Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses also provide the ultimate UVA, UVB and harmful blue light protection because they offer indoor and outdoor protection. Transitions Signature GEN 8 lenses block at least 20 per cent of harmful blue light indoors and over 87 per cent of harmful blue light outdoors. 16 Optical Prism | January 2020 protection, including responsiveness, darkness, full indoor clarity and long-lasting quality to make Transi- tions the perfect day-to-day lenses.” For materials to help consumers see the benefits of Transitions Signature GEN 8, eyecare professionals can guide consumers to the new Transitions consumer website which includes: a light sensitivity quiz to help patients learn how light impacts their eyes and life daily and offers suggestions for products that may help lessen sensitivity to light; and a Transitions Virtual Try-On tool – a virtual mirror that allows consumers to combine lens colours and mirrors with popular frame choices to simulate the experience of wearing Transi- tions lenses in different light conditions. At Nikon, the company is launching a new SeeMax Infinite lens, which is the first single-vision lens that offers everyone personalized sensitivity optimization. The all-new vision sensitivity personalization ensures the lens is intelligently designed to cancel the type of aberration which a lens wearer is more sensitive to. “Broadly speaking, there are two main types of residual aberrations. Some wearers will be more sensitive to oblique astigmatism, while others experience greater sensitivity to power error,” Nikon says. The unique personalization parameter can only be mea- sured with Nikon’s proprietary iPad application. This new lens is customizable and available in a wide range of materials and options. The lenses provide the sharpest vision possible and natural vision when scanning from side to side. Nikon says the lenses also feel like they’re tailor-made for the patient’s vision and allow wearers to easily go from con- tact lenses to glasses.