Optical Prism January 2016 - Page 43

Glimpses at Randolph,” said Peter Waszkiewicz, President and CEO of Randolph Engineering, Inc. “His recent achievements, commitment to the company and knowledge of the brand have earned him this position. He is a team player with a strong work ethic and committed to growing Randolph. I am confident in Nate's abilities and know he will be successful in his new role at Randolph.” have enabled us to introduce Fusion and Open to the Brazilian market.” ANVISA REGISTRATION FOR SAFILENS TO SELL FUSION AND OPEN IN BRAZIL Safilens, a leading Italian company that has revolutionized the contact lens sector with its innovative fusion technology™ and that is about to take over the Brazilian market too, has scored another huge success. After being approved by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), its Fusion and Open lenses can now be sold to customers and patients in Brazil. The authorization from ANVISA, a regulatory body for medical and health products sold in Brazil, removes all barriers to the distribution of Safilens products in the country. “We are very proud of this more-than-deserved success”, said Vincenzo Bruno, Managing Director of Safilens. “There are just two keywords to maintaining market competitiveness: research and innovation. Our R&I investments Guaranteed wellbeing for all Brazilian wearers of contact lenses who can benefit from extended protection of the surface of the eye thanks to the fusion technology™ patented by the company. fusion technology™ incorporates a copolymer made from Tamarind-Seed Polysaccharides (TSP) and hyaluronic acid (HA). This combination enhances the well-known properties of TSP and HA in hydrating, lubricating and protecting the eye surface from the mechanical stresscaused by wearing contact lenses, thus promoting the regrowth of epithelial microvilli. This technology improves wearer comfort by normalizing the tear film and works in harmony with the eye to continuously, and in a controlled manner, release natural tear film substitutes and mineral salts from the lens to the tear film. Fusion and Open by Safilens will be distributed in Brazil by the local Open Vista do Brasil subsidiary based in São Paulo. Optical Prism | January 2016 39