Optical Prism January 2016 - Page 35

GET IN THE GAME Centennial Optical will be adding the Champion brand of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames to its list of collections beginning 2016. Champion is one of the most popular America sports brands with a 94-year heritage. Featuring designs for men, women, tweens and children this brand encompasses all tastes and design elements. Materials include metal and combination designs with an emphasis on a sporty and lightweight feel. Champion has inspired and outfitted athletes and active people everywhere for generations. From USA Olympic teams to everyday athletes, on and off the field, in and out of the gym. Champion’s guiding principles are: A love of sport, a spirit of innovations, and uncompromising quality, with ultimate passion to help men and women reach for their full potential and find the Champion inside. To learn more visit www.centennial optical.com OPPORTUNITIES FOR CANADIAN EYECARE PROFESSIONALS TO CONNECT WITH MULTICULTURAL PATIENTS While the vast majority of Canadian eyecare professionals (93 percent) say they serve culturally diverse patients, 40 percent admit that they do not take steps to educate themselves about culturally diverse patients – and even fewer take proactive steps to connect with these patients, according to a recent survey from Transitions Optical, Inc. “Our consumer research shows that cultural sensitivity is highly valued among Canadians – and with Canadian Millennials such a diverse generation, we expect that this is a trend that will continue,” said Isabelle TremblayDawson, senior marketing manager, Canada, Transitions Optical. “This suggests that eyecare professionals could strengthen their relationships with not just multicultural patients, but all patients, by placing more focus on a multicultural strategy.” For example, according to Tremblay-Dawson, more than three-fourths of Canadians surveyed agree that it is a sign of respect for another’s culture when their eyecare professional offers educational materials that are bilingual or in a language other than English or French. Yet, only seven percent of Canadian eyecare professionals surveyed report that they are supplying culturally diverse patients with bilingual/in-language resources. The survey further revealed that only 34 percent of eyecare professionals employ bilingual staff members, and even fewer employ diverse staff members (26 percent). Only 22 percent offer staff training, 15 percent use diverse imagery when marketing and nine percent participate in community events. Proudly Supporting Eyecare Professionals since 1988 We are one of Canada's largest Optical Buying Groups. Call us: 1-800-263-0010 Visit us: theopticalgroup.ca