Optical Prism Jan/Feb 2014 Vol 31 No 7 - Page 46

frame by frame Eyeclectic Eyewear in Calgary F irst-time eyewear shopping can be an unnerving process. From the uncertainty of not knowing what style will suit you to realizing how many options are available to the optical consumer, overcoming the realization that you are in need of corrective eyewear is just the first hurdle. That’s why finding the right optician is key. Calgarian Jaclyn Scrimshaw was lucky enough to find the right optician at Eyeclectic Eyewear in Marda Loop. Jay Syed, who has been manager at the location for nine years, was quick to calm her hesitations. “A geometrical shape will suit you,” Syed said only moments after Scrimshaw walked through the door. He prides himself in being able to study the face of a client, taking into consideration their lifestyle, how many pairs of glasses they already own, and what purpose the frames are being purchased for. “I’m not bragging, but one of the first three frames I have them try on is usually what they’ll take home. If they try on too many they get confused and can’t make a decision.” With hopes of finding a pair suitable for every day wear, Scrimshaw took Syed’s advice and slid on a pair of blue tortoiseshell LA Eyeworks. Convinced she couldn’t possibly take home the very first pair she tried on, she moved to an Italian Blackfin, a brand exclusive to Syed’s location. The grey titanium frame showed a pop of hot pink without being overpowering. The flipside of this frame was the lightweight, flexible and hot pink Blackfin 695. Throughout the process, Syed was cognisant of Scrimshaw’s colour preferences and any sensitivity that might affect the comfort of a frame on her face. Her favourite colour being red, a pair of Johann von Goisern caught her eye. A little too bright, she was tempted by a funky Alain Mikli model. Wanting a more seamless business to casual look, she next reached for a pair of blue Larochers. After much deliberation, Syed proved he could match a frame with its owner within the first three tries— Scrimshaw fell in love with the grey and hot pink Blackfins. – Leah Miller 3 2 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 1 5 42 OPTICAL PRISM | JAN/FEB 2014 4 Larocher 1234; Alain Mikli 1250, Johann von Goisern 59253; 4. Blackfin 695; Blue tortoiseshell l.a.Eyeworks “Dobero”; Blackfin 677. 6