Optical Prism Jan/Feb 2014 Vol 31 No 7 - Page 36

Nikon is renowned as a leader in technological advancement with the development of advanced digital lens designs and innovative coatings. Their future plans are equally impressive. “We’ve recently introduced, DigiLife FP, a new fully customized backside design adapted to today’s digital lifestyle,” Audet said. “In 2014, we will introduce two new bi-aspheric lens designs that will improve our current product offering. One of these new lens designs will be fully personalized and as always, will be aligned with our philosophy: meet eye care professional’s needs and exceed their expectations.”     Recognizing the importance of variety and versatility, innovation and design, these lens companies share a commitment to broadening the scope of lens technology in a competitive marketplace that will always benefit the end user: the consumer. It comes down to building a foundation of trust and accountability with the ECPs, ensuring they have the tools and the products they need to build a loyal clientele. “We will continue to communicate with consumers and the optical trade about our entire TEAM UP WITH BUYING POWER! No contract No obligation Great savings LARGEST BUYING GROUP IN CANADA! Proudly serving opticians and optometrists across Canada Since 1988 800.263.0010 theopticalgroup@bellnet.ca Recommended buying group of 32 www.theopticalgroup.com OPTICAL PRISM | JAN/FEB 2014 Transitions® family of products, and work toward our goal of providing unparalleled wearer choice in material, design and availability,” Dorling said. “Our Transitions® family of products includes more choices than ever before—giving eyecare pr ofessionals more to talk about with patients, and patients more options to make the decision that’s best for them.” Audet recognizes that technology is changing, quickly, but sees the advancement as an opportunity for the Nikon brand. “The optical industry is constantly changing, as mentioned, consumers are becoming more and more demanding and the face of competition is evolving,” Audet said. “Eye care professionals have faced many challenges over the years and have been able to build on these challenges. As always, Nikon will help ECPs in these challenges and provide the utmost in eye care solutions.”  Looking forward, Petruccelli also sees opportunity beyond the lens. “I see the industry maintaining its path of consolidation, all the more reason for the independent practitioner to adopt the path of differentiation,” she said. “Hoya will continue to follow the personalization path and offer much more to independents than lenses only. We will partner with them and create marketing tools and innovative dispensing concepts to give them the competitive edge they need in today’s marketplace.” It’s a new year in lens technology and for ECPs from coast to coast, the options are as diverse as the patients they serve. And that’s a good thing. •