Optical Prism Jan/Feb 2014 Vol 31 No 7 - Page 20

GOING for GOLD b y K e l l y Wa t e r h o u s e a n d M a t t H a r r i s I t’s game on for sports eyewear in 2014, from the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi to the ski slopes at home, eyewear for the active wearer is much more than an accessory: it’s a necessity. In the heart of another frozen Canadian winter, we predict a hot year ahead for this growing consumer market. “A big trend in sports eyewear this year is colour, colour, and colour!” said Stephen Tripi, Marketing Director for Nike Vision. “If you look to Nike and their footwear design, it is driving the trend and demand to have explosive colour and Nike Vision will sync up perfectly with footwear and apparel to complete the look and the feeling you have when you’re wearing it.” 16 OPTICAL PRISM | JAN/FEB 2014