Optical Prism Jan/Feb 2014 Vol 31 No 7 - Page 19

Still Canadian. Still independent. And still one of North America’s most technically advanced optical labs. The first lab in North America to integrate a new, fully automated digital lens mapping and digital verification system The first lab in North America to introduce Free Form back-surface progressive lenses Exclusive Canadian manufacturer for Seiko Free Form designs, with the only “Seiko Optical-Approved” AR coating lab in North America Manufacturers of Vandelay DF digital lenses and value-priced PP-AR premium coatings Exclusive Canadian manufacturer of Junsui-Pure AR super-premium coatings PLASTIC PLUS NO ONE DOES DIGITAL BETTER 14 LESWYN ROAD, TORONTO ON M6A 1K2 (416) 789-4307 FAX: (416) 789-7143 TOLL FREE: 1-800-387-8539 FAX: 1-800-530-9172 www.plasticplus.ca