Optical Prism Dec 2013 Digital Supplement Vol.1 No.4 Dec 2013 - Page 9

Made to Measure b y K e l l y Wa t e r h o u s e C ontact lenses offer patients flexibility, ease and an alternative to traditional eyewear frames. The choice comes down to getting the right fit for the patient, considering their health issues and lifestyle choices. For eyecare professionals (ECPs), it’s about making sure the contact lens measures up. “Thanks to today’s technology, almost every patient could be declared eligible and be educated on the possibility of soft contact lenses as an option for vision correction, even if their reason for the visit was an comprehensive eye exam and new eyewear,” says Michael S. Mayers, O.D., FAAO Manager of Global Strategic Medical Affairs for Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. OPTICAL PRISM | DIGITAL SUPPLEMENT | DECEMBER 2013 9