Optical Prism Dec 2013 Digital Supplement Vol.1 No.4 Dec 2013 - Page 6

A look through the lens by Sarah McGoldrick L ens technology has changed rapidly over the past five years. New coatings, materials and even the incorporation of digital technology is making how lens are created and worn, unlike anything the industry has experienced before. To keep up with the constant change, research and development teams are delving even further into the world of understanding how our eyes work to come up with visual solutions that make perfect sight a closer reality. Most people think of lens technological advancement when they think of Nikon. This company has been leading the way in developing new ways to see the world for nearly a century. 6 Their most recent offering is the DigiLife progressive lens featuring Equi-View Optimization (EVO) technology enhancements that make images sharper and reduce astigmatism and power errors. “At Nikon, the DigiLife FP backside progressive is very flexible. It offers an extra wide availability of lens materials and prescriptions,” said Chantal Gravel, Product Marketing Manager for Nikon Optical Canada. “It’s main feature is that it offers the widest intermediate field of vision ever. No other progressive lens offers an intermediate field this wide, it is, in fact, doubled what patients are used to getting in progressive lenses.” The EVO high-precision spectral mapping on the horizontal plane creates an extra wide and smooth visual field. OPTICAL PRISM | DIGITAL SUPPLEMENT | DECEMBER 2013 The custom filling parameters allow patients to have the most natural, comfortable vision possible with the ability to fully optimize the back surface of each lens and create a topography unique to every pair. “DigiLife FP is the perfect upgrade for patients already wearing a backside progressive lens as it uses the latest digital technologies. This lens will be perfect for the patient looking for a pair of progressive lenses that will offer the best “digital” field of vision possible for their “digital” lifestyle,” said Gravel. “DigiLife FP is currently very unique, no other lens design can claim to offer this width in the intermediate field of vision. This lens also allows the eye care professionals to fully customize the design with corridor choices, variable inset and fitting parameters.”