Optical Prism Dec 2013 Digital Supplement Vol.1 No.4 Dec 2013 - Page 4

preview Indigo is the inspiration of the latest HDA Collection by OKIA    Imagine a deep midnight sky. Imagine stars, flowers and animal patterns floating in a quiet and peaceful darkness. Here comes the new sensational Indigo Collection by OKIA. With the application of the wellconsolidated HDA® Technology, this refined collection reflects the evergreen fashion trend of the indigo colour, a bright, calm, soothing tone, in between blue and purple. A colour that royals loved to use in their fashion and decor, indigo is still very popular and appreciated centuries later. In the world of fashion it is most closely associated with denim and is perfect for an everyday, casual style. However, it remains a colour that easily captures the nobility and grace of formal eveningwear. 4  Always true to type, OKIA keeps on amazing its clients with creations that do not have any equal in terms of innovation and originality. Elegant and soft, indigo patterns spread along the new models’ temples evoking a style that is both warm and autumnal, offering an enviable contemporary look. OPTICAL PRISM | DIGITAL SUPPLEMENT | DECEMBER 2013 The new Genesis Collection adopts the mantra “take it easy.” Genesis eyewear brand by Area98 brought a breath of fresh air to Silmo 2013, with eight new young and vibrant frames, designed for youth who enjoy life and live carefree under the mantra of “take it easy.” Street style inspired this collection, giving all the models a look that follows the most modern trends: lively eyewear with wide, modern shapes and a color palette ranging from bright and energetic colors to lighter hues. Genesis continues to capture its audience by creating frames of the highest quality at an affordable price, made with innovative and original materials; all combined with the latest fashion trends to offer a range of products with modern design so consumers can “take it easy” in style.