Optical Prism Dec 2013 Digital Supplement Vol.1 No.4 Dec 2013 - Page 12

Benefits: Making your business work better by Sarah McGoldrick R unning a small businesses is difficult and it isn’t easy competing with big box stores. The buying power of a large corporation can exceed anything a smaller business could match on their own. Bargains are always based on quantity and many smaller outfits simply can’t order products in the same amounts as larger organizations. The Optical Group has been helping small eyewear businesses compete since 1988 by helping them attain large discounts through buying groups. “We have more contacts with suppliers and access to discounts you wouldn’t normally get,” said Karen Ouellette, Vice President of The Optical Group, adding the company has more than 600 members across the country allowing them to buy in large shipments at reduced prices. The company has received recommendations from the Optometrists Association of Canada for its ability to assist smaller businesses achieve better buying power. She noted members are not restricted to use The Optical Group exclusively when they join.