Opinions May 2015 - Page 9

Info Pack


Learning a language is a process which involves a combination of different factors such as; speed of speech, voice tones, pronunciation, grammatical awareness to name a few.

Amounst these factors, we will try and provide you with an insight into British culture. How native speakers interact, traditions, sense of humour will be some of these traits that will be demonstrated to you.

Cultural awareness will complement your learning experience and will help you to identify with the English language.

We have been established since 2011 and continue to grow as an organisation. Our statistics are impressive and we want to share some of our success with you.

Our rates offer flexibility, great business exposure and the oppotunity to tap into a global market. As nearly every student is from a professional background your appeal is that you will target an audience to include; Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, HR Managers, Engineers and employees who work for some of the largest companies worldwide.


Our information pack will give you a more than ample explanation of how we work and also provide you with information on our free test class.

Learning in the comfort of your own home or during a lunch break at work can give you a real learning advantage since our classes can be blended in to your lifestyle rather than having to make change.

A flexible timetable allows you to choose classes 7 days a week at a time to suit you.