Opinions May 2015 - Page 6

Audio recordings

Our objective

We want you to be succesful, as an academy we have never used any form of paid advertising. Our success is your success, if others are impressed with your English, we grow and develop as a business.

Please remember to find the time to leave comments, they share your learning experience with others. You can find us on nearly every social networking platforms many of the links are provided throughout this lesson plan.

Recordings made during your class at key points are supplied to you. We recommend that you download them after your class has finished as it takes up bandwith which may effect the quality of your class.

These audio's will help you to study outside of a classroom environment and act as a point of reference, which will demonstrate improvement.

We reccomend cloud storage as these audio's occupy space on your computer.

This lesson plan provides a difinitive structure and point of reference for this conversation based class. Through a series of statements you will offer your opinion on various topics. Your language instructor will assist you with:

Grammar development

Speed of speech montioring

Pronunciation enhancement

Vocabulary building

Error correction

Lesson Plan Objectives