Opinions 15 - Page 11


1. Do you use apps?

2. Why do you use them?

3. What is the best app in your opinion?

4. Are children misusing the ability to buy apps?


A. It's a good thing to give children control of buying apps. They learn about money and how to manage it.

B. Children can't be watched and supervised 24/7 365 days a year, it's imposible.

C. Everyone secretly plays games on mobile devices.

D. Home internet routers are not fit for purpose. They fail to provide a service for every member of the family to use at the same time.

E. People only download free apps.

F. Free apps are decieving, they all want you to buy something when you use them.

G. The android store is better than the IOS store, there's more choice.

A short doccumentary that helps discuss some of the points. Interseting and informative it may help create more understanding with this topic.