OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 96

of. You had beaches, but nobody is surfing. It’s too cold! You come out of Australia and it’s 115 degrees and you hardly wore clothes and you always stood on a board on water. Coming back here I thought I’d use it as a foreign idea in Toronto. At the time Marshall McLuhan was at his peak so things were more language-based and technology and print, so I started proposing surfing shacks and using the surf board as a means of communication. Surfer Rick is a series of models. I made that vehicle. I think it’s a model of a Dodge van cutting two and joining them together, and rebashing it into a kind of hot rod motorbike. The first one was Surfer Rick. There’s Boater Rick, Outer Rick. Why Rick? Rickshaw! RA P I D F I R E W I T H K I M A DA M S The artist I admire is... Gordon Matta-Clark who cut a house in half called Splitting. I listen to... Bob Dylan both as music and in a deeper way, and J.J. Cale. I drive a... Toyota Matrix, my second one. I would like to drive a... (laughing) Ferrari but I need a truck. I like my Ford Transit but I’ve drilled a lot of holes in it and they won’t let me drive it. I drove it for a day. Inside my car trunk you’ll find a... Box of Beetle magazines and three animal cages and some wine b GFW2ג6V7&WBvV2इVW"ऒƖRvr&VwV&ǒFWr&F&VRFW2V"v2fPג&'FFFW&RƖRFvWBFW"Wp&66( Ğ( rcbWr&7FVBb( cbF&F( N( 2&VVG&FFf"rFRBBW7BfVV0&WGFW"F&R'F7BRVVBVWB6"GW'FR6VגWB7&F2आrf"FW"RF( B&Vǒv&FBFW&'WB7WvFW"fVFFb&r&VFW""VVBB7Wwwrv266&fFPpFw&sFR66W"vFt26F( 0&fFR66W'f6W2w&Ww&vrW"'W6W726rw&wFVf&VB076&^( FbFR7G&FVw2&vBFN( 2vW&RvR6PW"&fFR66W'f6W2FVV2Rf@FRw&wF7G&FVwFN( 2&vBf"R6F7C'&B66$2&fFR66W'f6W2VFW cBbss3'&B66v26Х&fFR66W'f6W0Gf6R2VVR2W"'W6W70*#r&6WvFW&W6T6W'2F&Ɩ֗FVBƖ&ƗG'FW'6&vG2&W6W'fVB#CC@