OpenRoad Driver Volume 15 Issue 1 - Page 93

Volume 15 Issue 1 » 93 have grown up on it, and people return to it and now they’re bringing friends and kids. It’s quite a deal. LOV E B I R D S Ford Econolines, car parts, grain silo caps, perforated water barrels, lighting and trailer systems 11’4” x 8’ x 8’ and 11’2” x 11’ x 11’ 1998-2010 I love the duality of Love Birds. The language I use to describe the piece - car parts, grain silo, water barrel - those words should not go together. And why the name? KA: It’s a hard one to describe. I had bought two vans and I needed the backs of two Tradesmen vans. One piece I made is called Bottle Van and the other one is called Squid Head at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I had the whole rest of the vehicles and the leftover halves sitting in the yard for five years. I was sitting in a chair having a beer and looking at it on an angle, and I thought I could stand it up. I stood it up and it completely lost its identity. It’s two Tradesmen van front ends and I just opened up the doors and bashed it with other car hoods and it became like its own character. And it just needed a companion. There was another piece that I had started and failed on. They made livestock water storage things. I was drilling holes in it and it was something that sat around for fifteen years. And then I thought, “Here we go, we’ve got something.” I started working on it and letting it be what it is. I knew what the parts were, but the abstraction of it, I accepted the abstraction. The term Love Birds, well, they have these love birds. They’re lyrebirds where the chests puff up and they have a whole show. Seeing that as a child, it popped back in my mind in my sixties as a feeling. It looked like a bird performing in front of another bird. It’s an abstract belief of soul ѕ̸Q䁉)ѽѡȁͼͽ݅ѕѼ䁽)Ё䰁׊eɕѥٽɍQ͔)ɔٔɑ̸eԁeЁ͕Ʌє)ѡѡ䁡ٔѼѽѡȸ) Օ ͍ ̰܀)AѼQ!͍)1ٔ ɑ̰)AѼQ!͍